Do Orioles Migrate?

do orioles migrate

If you’ve been enjoying watching the orioles in your backyard, you may have wondered where they have suddenly disappeared to. So do orioles migrate? Some species of oriole do migrate seasonally. The North American species such as the Baltimore orioles, Bullock’s orioles, orchard oriole, and Scott’s oriole migrate to central and South America in early … Read more

Do Hummingbirds And Orioles Get Along?

Do Hummingbirds And Orioles Get Along?

Have you started to offer nectar feeders in your backyard to attract birds such as orioles and hummingbirds? The problem is that some birds can bully others and feeder conflict is a real issue. So you’re probably wondering do hummingbirds and orioles get along? Hummingbirds and orioles can coexist peacefully if you create the right … Read more

When To Take Down Hummingbird Feeders

when to take down hummingbird feeders in winter

Want to know when to take down hummingbird feeders for the winter? It’s a great question if you’re starting to see the hummingbirds migrate south. In some states, you’ll only get to feed passing hummingbirds for a few months of the year. Keep your feeders filled with this easy homemade hummingbird nectar to help them … Read more

110 Benefits Of BirdWatching

benefits of birdwatching

What are the benefits of birdwatching? That’s a great question. Especially since birdwatching is a trendy hobby. Did you know that more people in the USA and Canada spend more time watching birds than they do gardening? Up to 20% of the population participates in birdwatching every day. If you’re interested in watching the birds … Read more