do rabbits eat marigolds

Do Rabbits Eat Marigold Plants?

Are you having problems with animals eating your marigold plants? Your money is on the local bunnies. But do rabbits eat marigolds? Wild rabbits do eat marigolds, especially the leaves. Rabbits mainly eat grass and weeds, then supplement this with flowers such as marigolds. A hungry rabbit will eat all parts of a marigold plant …

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how long do wild rabbits live

How Long Do Wild Rabbits Live?

Rabbits are beautiful and peaceful creatures to watch grazing away in your yard. Yet it’s quite difficult to tell how old an adult rabbit is. That’s probably left you wondering how long do wild rabbits live? The average life expectancy of a wild rabbit is 2-9 years old. Cottontail rabbits have the shortest life span …

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what do wild rabbits eat

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

You’ve probably seen rabbits happily munching away in a field of grass. As rabbits do most of their eating at dawn and dusk, it can be difficult to see what attracts them. So what do wild rabbits eat? Wild rabbits are herbivores and they will eat by grazing on grass, weeds, and plants. Rabbits will …

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Do deer eat hydrangeas

Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

Planting hydrangeas and watching them bloom is one of life’s pleasures. Yet, you’ve found that your hydrangea plant has become a snack for a nocturnal muncher. Your suspicion is for the local Bambi but you’re wondering ‘do deer eat hydrangeas’? Deer do eat hydrangeas especially the leaves. The main part of a deer’s diet is …

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do deer eat pumpkins

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?

If you’ve got some nice big pumpkins outside, you may have noticed that something has taken a nibble or two from them overnight. You suspect that it may be a deer. So now you’re wondering ‘do deer eat pumpkins? Deer do eat pumpkins especially the seeds and guts inside. As a deer’s diet consists mainly …

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do deer hibernate

Do Deer Hibernate?

There are several mammals that hibernate during the winter months to help them survive. If you haven’t seen any deer around during the colder months you’re probably asking yourself ‘do deer hibernate?’ Deer do not hibernate in the winter months. Deer do not have the biological ability to lay dormant for long periods of time. …

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