How To Get Rid Of June Bugs (9 Natural Methods)

how to get rid of june bugs

June bugs are quite harmless insects that won’t harm you or your pets. Yet, they do seem to appear in noisy swarms that that be irritating. Never mind cleaning up the dead bugs off your porch each morning. Plus if you’re a gardener they can cause one heck of a mess in your yard. So …

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Do June Bugs Bite? {Should You be Worried By Swarms?}

Do June bugs bite

June bugs or Green June bugs are everywhere in the summers. There is just no getting away from them. Because there are so many around, you may be wondering, do June bugs bite? June bugs can bite. They have a mouth shape that allows them to eat by gnawing and chewing on leaves. Adult June …

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What Do Boxelder Bugs Eat? {Do They Cause Damage?}

What do boxelder bugs eat

Swarms of black and orange boxelders bugs are everywhere in the summer and fall months. With so many around you’re probably wondering if there is some type of food that’s attracting them to your yard. But what do boxelder bugs eat? Boxelder bugs eat sap and juices from trees, leaves, and seeds. Seed-bearing trees such …

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What Attracts Boxelder Bugs To Your Yard and Home?

What Attracts Boxelder Bugs?

Box elder bugs are large insects that are black with orange markings. You may also know them as elder bugs or maple bugs. You’ll find them in your yard hanging around yard and maybe even in your home. Boxelder bug can be a nuisance bug that you want to deter. So you may be wondering …

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Do Boxelder Bugs Bite? {How Dangerous are they?}

do box elder bugs bite

Do boxelder bugs bite? That’s a great question to ask if you’ve just stumbled across some in your yard or even your home. Boxelder bugs can bite. They do not bite using teeth, however, they can cause injury to your skin by piercing with their mouth. This puncturing action can be painful, draw blood and …

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How To Keep Ants Out Of Hummingbird Feeder

How To Keep Ants Out Of Hummingbird Feeders

How to keep ants out of hummingbird feeder Want to know how to keep ants out of hummingbird feeders? Offering up sweet nectar for your hummingbirds will also result in you attracting some unwanted visitors in the form of ants. And not just one or two ants, but a whole colony looking to please their …

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How To Keep Bees Away From Hummingbird Feeders

Want to learn how to keep bees away from your hummingbird feeders? Nectar-loving insects such as bees, wasp, and yellow jackets can become unintended visitors to your hummingbird feeders. The problem is that these bees are a real nuisance. Hundreds of bees in a hive are a lot of competition for the hummingbirds. That means …

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