What Do Boxelder Bugs Eat? {Do They Cause Damage?}

What do boxelder bugs eat

Swarms of black and orange boxelders bugs are everywhere in the summer and fall months. With so many around you’re probably wondering if there is some type of food that’s attracting them to your yard. But what do boxelder bugs eat? Boxelder bugs eat sap and juices from trees, leaves, and seeds. Seed-bearing trees such … Read more

Do Boxelder Bugs Bite? {How Dangerous are they?}

do box elder bugs bite

Do boxelder bugs bite? That’s a great question to ask if you’ve just stumbled across some in your yard or even your home. Boxelder bugs can bite. They do not bite using teeth, however, they can cause injury to your skin by piercing with their mouth. This puncturing action can be painful, draw blood and … Read more