What Is Eye Relief in Binoculars?

What is eye relief

What is eye relief in binoculars? Let me guess, you’re looking to buy a pair of binoculars but you have no idea what some of the features mean? So now you’re wondering if eye relief is something you should be looking for. But really you have no idea what it even is! I know the …

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Black Oil Sunflower Seeds For Birds – Feeder Guide

black oil sunflower seed birds

Want to know more about black oil sunflower seeds for birds in your backyard? Then you’ve come to the right place. These days there is a lot of variety when offering bird food. So learning about different types like black oil sunflower seeds will help the birds in your yard. Plus you’ll Attract more birds …

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Safflower Seeds For Birds – Complete Bird Feeder Guide

bird eating safflower seeds

Want to know more about safflower seeds for birds in your backyard? Then you’re in the right place. Learning more about offering safflower seeds will help you attract a better range of birds. Plus you’ll be better prepared for problems you may run into offering up safflower in your feeders. This guide will help to …

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