can skunks climb

Can Skunks Climb?

If you have skunks visiting your yard, you’re maybe concerned that they will be able to find their way into your home. Crawling over fencing and into chimneys is a common way wildlife can make a den in your home. So you’re probably wondering can skunks climb? Skunks can climb, but their abilities depend on …

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Do Skunks Hibernate In Winter

Do Skunks Hibernate In Winter?

You can smell that faint stench of skunk everywhere in the spring, summer, and fall months. Yet in the winter months, you start to notice they aren’t around as much. So you may be wondering ‘do skunks hibernate in winter?’ Wild skunks do not hibernate in the winter months. Skunks don’t have the biological ability …

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why do skunks spray

Why Do Skunks Spray?

If there is one thing that skunks have a reputation for it’s being stinky. The toxic smell they emit is feared by many. But you may be wondering why do skunks spray? Skunks spray as a defense mechanism when they feel threatened. The spray is a mix of sulfurous chemicals released from their anal glands …

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What Do Skunks Eat In The Wild

What Do Skunks Eat In The Wild

If you’ve seen skunks in your yard, they are most likely searching around for food. It’s probably left you questioning what they were after and wondering ‘what do skunks eat? Skunks are omnivores but their main source of food is insects. They eat a varied diet including small animals, amphibians, reptiles, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and …

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