Do Beavers Eat Wood?

do beavers eat wood

Beavers have a reputation for being the lumberjacks of the animal kingdom. All that wood has to go somewhere, so it’s only natural to think that they eat it. So you’re probably wondering do beavers eat wood? Beavers eat trees but do not eat wood.  They will eat the bark and soft cambium layer of … Read more

7 Natural Predators of Moose

moose natural predators

Moose are massive creatures, so it’s hard to believe that they have any predators in the wild. Yet, you’d be surprised to know that even moose need to be wary of other animals trying to eat them. So what animals are natural predators of moose? Moose have a few natural predators including wolves, bears, cougars, … Read more

Do Moose Shed Their Antlers?

Do moose shed their antlers

Moose are the largest member of the deer family and are well known for their distinctive antlers. Yet you may have seen some moose without antlers. So you’re probably wondering if moose antlers are permanent or do moose shed their antlers? Male moose shed their antlers every year. Antler shedding usually happens each year in … Read more

When Do Geese Start Laying Eggs?

When do geese start laying eggs

Watching geese at your local pond is a great way to connect with nature. Yet wild geese are extremely secretive when it comes to egg-laying, which makes it harder for you to know about their habits. So you may be wondering when do geese start laying eggs? Female geese start to lay eggs once they … Read more

How Long Do Ducks Live In The Wild?

how long do ducks live

Ducks are popular birds you’ll see near ponds, lakes, and wetlands in your area. You may have noticed that like most birds, it’s quite difficult to tell how old an adult duck is. That’s probably left you wondering how long do ducks live in the wild? The average life expectancy of a wild duck is … Read more

What Do Ducks Eat In The Wild?

what do ducks eat in the wild

Feeding ducks near a pond is a great way to connect with nature. Although bringing bread and scattering it for the ducks isn’t the most natural way for them to find food. So what do ducks eat in the wild? Ducks are omnivores which means they eat both plants and animals. Wild ducks mainly eat … Read more

Can You Feed Ducks Bread?

Can You Feed Ducks Bread?

Feeding the ducks a loaf of bread at the park is a great way to enjoy nature. But you may be confused by information saying that bread is bad for ducks. So can you feed ducks bread? Ducks can eat bread fed to them by humans. The problem is that too much bread can cause … Read more

How Long Do Bison Live In The Wild?

How Long Do Bison Live

Bison are one of the largest land animals in the world. So you may expect them to live for a long time. But how long do bison live? A wild bison will live on average between 10-20 years. Around 40% of bison die within their first year of life. The factors affecting a bison’s lifespan … Read more

Where Do Bison Live?

Where do bison live

Bison are large, iconic animals that represent the national mammal of the United States. But are bison only found in the USA? What you really want to know is where do bison live? Bison live in large prairies, plains, and valleys of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Northern Europe, and Russia. They are found mostly … Read more