What Do Bison Eat In The Wild?

what do bison eat in the wild

Bison are the largest mammals in North America. So surely an animal that size needs a lot of food to keep them going. But what do bison eat in the wild? Bison are herbivores that mainly eat grasses and plant matter. The bulk of their diet is made up of graze vegetation. They will adjust … Read more

How Long Do Butterflies Live?

how long do butterflies live

Butterflies are one of the most popular insects that people love to watch. But did you know that those beautiful moments are very brief for butterflies? So how long do butterflies live? Butterflies can live from 1 month to 1 year old. Their life span will vary depending on the species, with tropical species surviving … Read more

Where Do Bluebirds Live?

where do bluebirds live

Bluebirds are popular birds that you probably love to see in your yard. You’re maybe wondering if bluebirds are found all over the world. So where do bluebirds live? Bluebirds live in gardens, grasslands, woodlands, and parks of mainland USA, Canada, and Mexico. They prefer large open lands with foliage to perch on. Bluebirds prefer … Read more

What Do Bluebirds Eat?

What Do Bluebirds Eat

When you’re trying to attract bluebirds to your yard, the best thing to do is offer them food. But what do bluebirds eat? Bluebirds are insectivores and will mainly eat invertebrate insects. A favorite of bluebirds is mealworms. Seasonality affects insect availability and bluebirds need to supplement their diet. Seeds, berries, and fruits are also … Read more

How Long Do June Bugs Live?

How Long Do June Bugs Live?

You may be familiar with June bugs in the summer. Just like their name suggests they arrive in swarms in June. But how long do June bugs live? June bugs live for around 2-4 years. Most of the June bugs’ life is spent as a grub underground. June bugs remain as grubs for around 1-3 … Read more

Why Do Geese Honk When They Fly?

why do geese honk when they fly

If you’ve ever watched a flock of geese migrating you’ve probably noticed how noisy they are. The collective honks of geese will often draw us to look up at those iconic V shapes in the sky. But why do geese honk when they fly? Geese honk when they fly to communicate as a team. The … Read more

What Does A Raccoon Nest Look Like?

what does a raccoon nest look like

Are raccoons making a mess in your yard and now you’re worried they have set up home nearby? The problem is you don’t know where raccoons live. So what does a raccoon nest look like? Raccoons don’t build nests, instead, they move into existing spaces that offer them cover. Typical raccoon dens in urban areas … Read more

Where Do Ladybugs Live?

where do ladybugs live

Ladybugs are tiny, popular insects that often remind us of warm and bright summer months. You’re maybe wondering if the rest of the world has ladybugs too. So, where do ladybugs live? Ladybugs live in gardens, grasslands, woodlands, riversides, and urban and rural areas worldwide. The only places where ladybugs don’t live are extreme desert … Read more

How Long Do Ladybugs Live?

How Long Do Ladybugs Live?

Ladybugs are well-loved and one of the few insects that people like to have around. You may think that you can tell how old a ladybug is by counting its spots. But just how long do ladybugs live? Most ladybugs live for around 1-2 years. In the right conditions, they can survive longer, which is … Read more

What Do Ladybugs Eat And Drink?

what do ladybugs eat

If you love seeing ladybugs in your yard then you’ll know that offering food they love is a great way to attract them. But what do ladybugs eat? Ladybugs mainly eat aphids and small insects. As a general rule ladybugs are omnivores who will eat a variety of insects and plant material. Most ladybugs also … Read more