When Do Geese Start Laying Eggs?

When do geese start laying eggs

Watching geese at your local pond is a great way to connect with nature. Yet wild geese are extremely secretive when it comes to egg-laying, which makes it harder for you to know about their habits. So you may be wondering when do geese start laying eggs? Female geese start to lay eggs once they … Read more

How Long Do Ducks Live In The Wild?

how long do ducks live

Ducks are popular birds you’ll see near ponds, lakes, and wetlands in your area. You may have noticed that like most birds, it’s quite difficult to tell how old an adult duck is. That’s probably left you wondering how long do ducks live in the wild? The average life expectancy of a wild duck is … Read more

What Do Ducks Eat In The Wild?

what do ducks eat in the wild

Feeding ducks near a pond is a great way to connect with nature. Although bringing bread and scattering it for the ducks isn’t the most natural way for them to find food. So what do ducks eat in the wild? Ducks are omnivores which means they eat both plants and animals. Wild ducks mainly eat … Read more

Can You Feed Ducks Bread?

Can You Feed Ducks Bread?

Feeding the ducks a loaf of bread at the park is a great way to enjoy nature. But you may be confused by information saying that bread is bad for ducks. So can you feed ducks bread? Ducks can eat bread fed to them by humans. The problem is that too much bread can cause … Read more

Where Do Bluebirds Live?

where do bluebirds live

Bluebirds are popular birds that you probably love to see in your yard. You’re maybe wondering if bluebirds are found all over the world. So where do bluebirds live? Bluebirds live in gardens, grasslands, woodlands, and parks of mainland USA, Canada, and Mexico. They prefer large open lands with foliage to perch on. Bluebirds prefer … Read more

What Do Bluebirds Eat?

What Do Bluebirds Eat

When you’re trying to attract bluebirds to your yard, the best thing to do is offer them food. But what do bluebirds eat? Bluebirds are insectivores and will mainly eat invertebrate insects. A favorite of bluebirds is mealworms. Seasonality affects insect availability and bluebirds need to supplement their diet. Seeds, berries, and fruits are also … Read more

Why Do Geese Honk When They Fly?

why do geese honk when they fly

If you’ve ever watched a flock of geese migrating you’ve probably noticed how noisy they are. The collective honks of geese will often draw us to look up at those iconic V shapes in the sky. But why do geese honk when they fly? Geese honk when they fly to communicate as a team. The … Read more

What Do Orioles Eat?

what do orioles eat

Are you trying to attract orioles to your backyard? One of the best ways to get the birds flocking is by offering them food they eat in the wild. But what do orioles eat? Orioles are omnivores that eat both plants and animals. An oriole’s diet is made up of mainly insects, berries, fruits, and … Read more

Do Orioles Migrate?

do orioles migrate

If you’ve been enjoying watching the orioles in your backyard, you may have wondered where they have suddenly disappeared to. So do orioles migrate? Some species of oriole do migrate seasonally. The North American species such as the Baltimore orioles, Bullock’s orioles, orchard oriole, and Scott’s oriole migrate to central and South America in early … Read more