What Do Geese Eat In The Wild?

What do geese eat

Are you seeing geese wandering around ponds and lakes, or even your own yard? You may be wondering what it is that’s attracting them. With wild animals, one reason is always food. But what do geese eat in the wild? Geese are primarily herbivores which means they mainly eat plants and vegetation. Grass is a … Read more

How Long Do Geese Live?

how long do geese live

Geese are large birds that you’ll often see near lakes, ponds, and wetlands. You may have noticed that like most birds, it’s quite difficult to tell how old an adult goose is. That’s probably left you wondering how long do geese live in the wild? The average life expectancy of a wild goose is 10-15 … Read more

Do Geese Have Teeth?

do Geese have teeth

If you saw a goose close up, you may have noticed what appears to be a row of teeth all around their beak and tongue. The thought of that can be terrifying, especially if they start to chase you. But do Geese have teeth? Geese do not have teeth as they are birds. Instead, they … Read more

Do Birds Fly At Night?

do birds fly at night

You know that birds are active during the day, but they seem to disappear once the sunsets. You may think that most birds will go to sleep at night, but you‘ve also heard them chirping away in the small hours of the morning. This has probably left you wondering do birds fly at night? Most … Read more

Do Hummingbirds And Orioles Get Along?

Do Hummingbirds And Orioles Get Along?

Have you started to offer nectar feeders in your backyard to attract birds such as orioles and hummingbirds? The problem is that some birds can bully others and feeder conflict is a real issue. So you’re probably wondering do hummingbirds and orioles get along? Hummingbirds and orioles can coexist peacefully if you create the right … Read more

What Do Goldfinches Eat In The Wild And Gardens?

what do goldfinches eat

If you’re trying to attract goldfinch to your yard, you’ll already know that offering food is the best way to do this. But what do goldfinches eat? Goldfinches are granivores, which means they mainly eat seeds. Thistle seeds are a goldfinch favorite. Goldfinches will also eat other food sources including plants, vegetation, tree sap, fruits, … Read more

What Is Drinking My Hummingbird Food At Night?

What Is Drinking My Hummingbird Food At Night?

Is the nectar from your hummingbird feeder being drained overnight? If you’ve ruled out leaks then you’re probably scratching your head thinking what is drinking my hummingbird food at night? There are a variety of animals that will drink hummingbird nectar at night. The main culprits are bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, bears, insects, and orioles. … Read more

How Many Eggs Do Hummingbird Lay

How Many Eggs Do Hummingbird Lay

Hummingbirds are majestic birds to watch. They are resilient birds, often flying thousands of miles to find a good breeding ground. So how many eggs do hummingbird lay when they get here? Most female hummingbirds will lay two eggs per clutch. Some species may lay up to 3 eggs per clutch. The eggs will be … Read more