Are Frogs Poisonous?

are frogs poisonous

Frogs are slimy creatures with mucus-like skin. If you’ve come across one in your yard you may be wondering are frogs poisonous? All frog species have poisonous secretions on their skin. These toxic chemicals are released as a defense mechanism against predators. Most common frogs do not produce toxins strong enough to be harmful to … Read more

What Do Frogs Eat In The Wild?

what do frog eat in the wild

If you’re trying to attract more frogs to your yard you’ll know that offering food is always a great way to do this. But what do frogs eat in the wild? Frogs are carnivores which means they eat a variety of insects, small mammals, other frogs, fish, and crustaceans. Frogs are opportunistic eaters and will … Read more