Best Cardinal Gifts for Red Bird Lovers

Are you looking for the best cardinal gifts to give to someone special in your life?

Now I know you’re specifically looking for a cardinal gift because someone special loves cardinals.

Giving a cardinal-themed gift can hold great significance for the person receiving the gift?


Because cardinals have such a spiritual meaning behind their presence.

First, let’s look at why cardinals can be so special to someone.

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Cardinal Gift Symbolism

Cardinals are bright red birds, you can’t help but notice them. That presence means that cardinals represent a lot of strong emotions for some people.

1. Message from heaven

Cardinals are most evident in winter.

You can’t help but see their striking red feathers against the crisp white snow.

Above all, gives it a sense of hope and joy at a bleak time.

That’s why it’s often thought that cardinals are a message from a loved one who has passed.

“When a cardinal visits you, a loved one is near” is a popular quote.

And certainly seeing a cardinal will bring back all those loving memories and good times.

A cardinal gift is a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member who has recently lost a loved one.

2. Friendship

Cardinals are birds that mate for life. And so they represent loyalty to another.

This closeness and dedication to maintaining a relationship with someone is the symbol of a lifelong friendship.

A carinal gift is ideal to give to a very close friend who is and always will be ‘your partner in crime’.

3. Loving Relationship

Cardinals are faithful and devoted partners. I suspect those fiery red feathers add a good bit of passion to their relationships too.

A cardinal gift for a spouse is a great way to show how much you care for them and recognize them as your soulmate.

20 Best Cardinal Gifts

We’ve found some of the best cardinal gifts for someone special in your life. Whether that’s a spouse, friend, or a sympathy gift to someone in the midst of grief. This list will be sure to help you find something special for the carinal lover in your life.

1. Cardinal Wind Chimes

A cardinal wind chime is one of the most popular sympathy gifts to give.

What makes this so special is that it not only looks beautiful but it also gives a soothing chime. Wind chimes are great for creating a relaxed but uplifting vibe to your backyard.

Time to relax is essential when you’re feeling stressed by grief, missing a friend or loved one.

This chime comes with a beautiful poem that will speak to your heart.

This gift is so much more personal than flowers, and will last for years to come.

Check out more cardinal wind chimes here

2. Cardinal Bracelet

This Luca +Danni cardinal bracelet is a beautiful way to remind someone that love is always near them.

This bracelet is very so well designed you can easily wear it all day long.

There are sizing of petite, regular and large, so no need to worry that it won’t fit.

I also love how it comes available in both brass or silver tones depending on whether your recipient likes to wear warm or cool colored jewelry.

This bracelet comes from the cardinal collection which includes their cardinal stack bracelet which is absolutely stunning.

4. Cardinal lamp

This stained glass cardinal lamp is a stunning gift idea.

I love how this can be placed on a bedside table so it the last memento of a loved one before they fall asleep and the first thing they see in the morning.

The glass is just striking when it’s lit up, almost like a shiny ruby.

This lamp is certain to be a favorite centerpiece to be display with pride by any carinal lover.

5. Cardinal feeder

What’s a better way to enjoy cardinals than to watch them every day in your backyard?

This Perky pet cardinal feeder is the perfect way to attract carinal to a yard.

Fill it up with the food that cardinal’s love and marvel in their presence.

Cardinals love to perch on this feeder and it’s a great design for keeping away pesky squirrels that scare the cardinals.

Check out my guide on ‘what do cardinals eat so you know how to attract them every day.

6. Cardinal sun catcher

This cardinal sun catcher by Lolitacraft is a stunning gift to give.

These suncatchers are hand-painted which gives them a unique edge to mass-made cardinal gifts.

The bright red painted glass is eye-catching when on the window with the sin shiny though.

Seeing that much color and sparkle every day is sure to brighten up your day.

This suncatcher can be hung on a door or a window as it comes with a handy suction cup. The natural hooked design means it can also be placed in a pole or tree in a backyard.

Check out these other stunning cardinal sun catcher designs.

7. Cardinal ornament

This stunning little glass cardinal ornament is a gorgeous sympathy memento for a grieving loved one.

The small cardinals are so delicately displayed on the display wire This gives it a soft and soothing rocking motion, as it comes to life.

This ornament can be used as a holiday décor for your tree but the display stand means it would look just as good all year round.

8. Cardinal Travel Cup

Try and tell me this stunning Trevis travel mug didn’t catch your eye.

This tumbler has the sweetest and most creative cardinal design which will be a real conversation starter.

Trevis mugs are perfect if your recipient is always on the go with a hot or cold drink to hand.

These mugs are so well made, you won’t can be rest assured this will be a great high-qualitycardinal-themed gift to give.

9. Cardinal Holiday Bauble

Cardinals as such a popular winter bird, that you can’t help but notice them around the holidays.

That’s likely to create some amazing holiday or wintertime cardinal memories for your loved one.

This cardinal-themed holiday bauble is a great way to celebrate those loving memories each year.

It’s a great gift especially if you can be with a special loved one during the holidays. This can be a memento to remind them that you love them and are thinking of them.

Check out some more gorgeous cardinal holiday ornaments.

10. Cardinal Pillow

This cardinal pillow cover is a lovely way to have a reminder that a loved one is always with someone in spirit.

Pillows are a great way to provide comfort and this pillow will be a reminder that they are loved.

It’s a thoughtful gift to give if you know someone who has lost a partner. I love that it can be used to decorate an area where a loved one may have rested to watch the backyard bird.

11. Cardinal charm

If you want a small but unique cardinal gift then check out this Ganz charm.

It comes complete with a poem about the luck, inspiration, and hope of having a cardinal near.

This little charm is ideal for a loved one who is having a hard time. It acts as a small, but mighty, reminder that better days are ahead.

12. Cardinal Mug

If your loved one is never seen without a coffee in their hand, then a cardinal mug is ideal for them.

This gorgeous mug has a stunning watercolor cardinal design. Plus the bright red inner mug complements those bright cardinal reds.

It’s really a great uplifting start to any day.

The generous 16oz mug size is large enough to hold even the largest Krueger servings.

Looking for a different style of cardinal mug? Then check these out.

13. Cardinal bookmark

If your cardinal lover is also an avid reader then check out this cardinal bookmark.

It’s made from high-quality wood with a hand-painted cardinal on both sides.

A bookmark is a great small stocking filler gifts or something to give someone ‘just because’. This will make it so special as they will think of you each time they read.

14. Cardinal snow globe

A whimsical cardinal snow globe scene will bring joy to your loved one.

Snow globes are able to whisk you away to a tiny magical world where it always snows.

This captures the memory and magic of seeing a cardinal in winter forever.

This design is a great option if your loved one likes to collect snow globes.

15. Cardinal wind spinner

If a wind chime isn’t for your loved one then a quieter but stunning alternative is a cardinal mandela wind spinner.

The bright colors are so eye-catching and sure to brighten up your yard.

Wind spinners are almost mesmerizing and a great way for your loved one to relax and connect to nature.

16. Cardinal socks

Fun socks are great gifts to give a loved one to show off their fun and playful side.

The cardinal Hot Sox are a great stocking filler gift to give to your cardinal loving loved one, especially if they have a little quirky side.

These will be sure to be a hit with fun sock days at work, or just for pottering around the home or yard.

17. Cardinal bag

This fun little cardinal crossbody bag is a unique way for your loved one to show off their love of cardinals.

It’s really cute and great for carrying around a bunch of small items like keys or a cell phone when you’re running errands.

The bag is really well made and the design on the front is adorable. The detail of the colored material and bag accents are so skillful used to create the cardinal.

If you have a female cardinal lover in your family then this is a great gift option for them.

18. Cardinal plush

If you have a cardinal loving kid in your life then this adorable little plush is a great gift option for them.

It not only looks like a cardinal but it makes cardinal calls when squeezed. That’s a great way for kids to learn more about birds at a young age.

And because these are quite small it’s easy for a little one to carry around as a pocket pal without too much fuss.

19. Cardinal keychain

If you’re after a small but thoughtful gift for someone who is grieving then this cardinal keychain is perfect.

It engraved with the sweet message that when a cardinal appears a loved one is near. This can be really comforting to someone who has had a loss.

The keyring comes packed in a sweet little wooden box which says ‘just for you’. These are comforting words to let someone know you are thinking of them, even if it’s a small gesture.

20. Cardinal Candle holder

This sweet little cardinal-shaped candle holder is a great memento to light a candle in memory of a lost loved one.

The shape of the folder will hold a small tea light or even a larger votive shapes candle for a longer burn time. You can even as a faux burning candle for a lovely constant glowing effect.

Burning a candle helps to symbolize a pathway of light in the darkness.

Final thoughts

I hope this gift guide has been helpful and provided you with some cardinal gift ideas to give to a loved one.

Let me know who you are sending your cardinal gift to in the comments blew.

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