10 Best Copper Bird Feeders For Your Backyard

Looking for the best copper bird feeders for your yard?

Feeding birds is great, but I know you’ll agree with me when I say that most bird feeders are pretty ugly to look at.

Using a copper bird feeder is a great way to feed your backyard birds and have a pretty yard decoration.

Now I know you want your feeder to look good, but it needs to do the job too, right?

Well, let’s start by looking at what other features you need.

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best copper bird feeders
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How to choose a copper bird feeder

Choosing a copper bird feeder really boils down to deciding what type of bird you want to attract to your yard. This will decide the type of birdfeeder you need.

Seed feeder

Seed feeders are the most common type of bird feeder. Fill it with your chosen bird seed and you’ll be sure to attract small birds such as cardinals, finches, and chickadees.

Nut feeder

Nut feeders are great for offering a variety of nuts to your backyard birds. Peanuts are sure to attract blue jays, wrens, and woodpeckers.

Caged feeder

A good caged feeder is great for allowing smaller birds to feed in your yard. That means if you’re plagued with starlings or squirrels stealing all your bird food then opt for this type.

Suet Feeder

Copper suet feeders are great for attracting chickadees, wrens, and nuhatches. This type of copper feeder is harder to find on the market.

Nectar feeder

You’ll be sure to attract nectar-feeding birds to your yard with a specialty nectar feeder. Hummingbirds and orioles with love this addition to your yard.

Copper finish vs pure copper bird feeders

Before you buy a copper bird feeder you need to be aware that there are two types: feeder made of pure copper and feeder with a copper finish.

Copper Finished Bird feeders

Copper finish feeders are made from other materials and then finished off with a thin copper layer. They are more common than pure copper feeders.

You’ll notice that copper finish feeders are inexpensive compared to pure copper feeders. That means they are a great option if you’re on a budget.

Be wary of a feeder of faux copper finished which may mean they are only painted a copper color. Always read the description and even the reviews carefully if you’re unsure.

Pure copper Bird feeders

As the name suggests these feeders are made entirely from copper.

You’ll find these feeders are more expensive than the copper-finished feeder.

Copper which is left outdoors will change over time if not maintained.

What does that mean?

You know how the statue of liberty is green? Well, it’s actually made from copper.

This is called a patina that develops on copper left to weather. You may like this look.

However, you can avoid the patina with regular maintenance of your feeders if you want to keep the copper sheen.

Where to hang copper bird feeders

You’ll get the most out of you copper birdfeeder in a sunny but slightly sheltered area of your yard.

Birds love to feed in the sun. The bonus is that your copper feeder will look beautiful glistening in the dun as your birds feed.

Some feeders also come with solar-powered lights. So imagine a beautiful light show in your yard when the sun goes down.

10 Best Copper Bird feeders

So let’s get to the good part and find out the best copper bird feeders on the market.

 1. I-Born Copper Birdfeeder

The I-Born Bird feeder is a lovely copper take on a traditional tube feeder.

This feeder is best for offering seed as peanuts won’t fit out the feeder holes.

Not only does this feeder look great but it’s also really easy to clean.

You’ll be able to fit up to around 1.5lbs of seed in this copper feeder.

2. Good Direction Copper Teardrop 

I know you love the uniqueness of this copper teardrop bird feeder.

But the best part?

This company has a few different designs including a star, moon, and lighthouse. I know you’ll find it hard to choose which one you like best as they all look gorgeous.

This teardrop feeder not only looks fantastic bits it’s easy to fill, has drainage holes, and can hold up to 6lbs of bird seed.

Your backroad birds will love the flythrough design a sits just so inviting for them to use.

3. Perky-Pet Copper Hummingbird feeder

If it’s a hummingbird you want to attract them look no further than this stunning copper hummingbird feeder.

This birdfeeder gives antique country-living vibes to your yard with its darling glass bottle design.

If the clear isn’t for you there is also a green and red bottle option. Remember Hummingbirds go crazy for anything red. You can also opt for smaller and larger bottle sizes that hold anything between 10-24 ounces of nectar.

4. Sahara Sailor 2 in 1 Copper Feeder

This 2 in 1 feeder is a great copper feeder to add to your yard.

It’s a split design so you can have small seeds on one side. The other side has mesh wire which holds chunky food such as peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and cracked corn.

You’ll get such a variety of birds to your yard by offering two different types of food in your feeders.

Having both feeders side by side is a great option if you don’t have a lot of room for a separate feeder in your yard.

This feeder will hold up to 2.5lb of bird food.

5. Perky-Pet Copper Lantern feeder 

If you’re one for a vintage copper look then the Perky-Pet feeder lantern is a great option for you.

You’ll fit up to 2.5lbs of bird seed in this feeder.

If you’re having issues with squirrels emptying your feeders then this feeder is great.

The sure cap locking system on top allows your birds to feed but stops those pesky squirrels from getting to the food.

6. Solar copper bird feeder

If you love bright colorful lights then the XDW copper bird feeder is for you.

It works through solar-powered panels on the top to light up a gorgeous mosaic feeder of colors at night.

You might even want to consider giving this feeder as a gift if you have a relative friend or child who likes backyard birdwatching.

This feeder holds around 2 lb of seed.

7. Birdream glass feeder

The Birdream glass and copper feeder is eye-catching and will be sure to attract attention to your yard.

The good thing is that it’s very sturdy, as well as easy to fill and clean.

You’ll be able to serve up around 3lb of bird seed in this feeder.

8. Woodlink Copper suet feeder

This copper suet feeder is quite simple in its design but with an elegant copper top.

You’ll notice the bard are really strong and well made to hold the suet cakes in place.

That’s particularly important if you have squirrels who like to have a go on your suet feeders. They won’t be able to chew through this one.

This feeder will hold up to one standard size suet cake.

9. Copper cage feeder

A cage feeder is a great way to keep big bully birds and squirrels away from your feeders.

This Woodlink cage feeder is a great copper option.

All the little birds that visit your feeder will be delighted that this feeder is designed to let them feed easily.

The tube feeder inside holds around 1.25lb of seed. Although this doesn’t seem like much, you’ll find the small bird won’t go through your seed as quickly as the greedy bully birds.

10. Sungmor bird feeder

If you’re after a small and discreet bird feeder then this Sungmor feeder is one for you.

You’ll attract lots of small birds with this feeder as the larger birds will find it hard to feed under the roof.

The open design makes it very easy to fill and clean regularly.

This feeder only takes around 0.5lb of seed to fill it up.

Final thoughts

I’ve shown you 10 of the best copper bird feeders on the market.

Hopefully, there was one that caught your eye so you can buy it straight away.

If not the reviews of these copper feeders may have helped you to understand what to look out for when buying a birdfeeder.

Let me know in the comments below if you have a copper birdfeeder you would recommend.

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