What Is The Best Raccoon Repellent?

Are you fed up with cleaning up your property after a raccoon raid?  You’re probably close to calling an expensive pest removal service. The good news is that there are easy and cost-effective ways you can keep raccoons away from your property.

This guide will take you through the best raccoon repellent products on the market.

The most effective raccoon repellent you can use is the Broox Ultrasonic Animal Repeller. This device triggers high-frequency sounds and bright lights when it detects motion. Raccoons hate sudden noise and light and will immediately leave your property. It’s solar-powered so you won’t need to worry about a power source, just set it up and forget it.

That’s my top pick. But the ultrasonic device may not be best suited to you so let’s go through what other option you have available. I’ll guide you toward the best seller in each category to save you time.

What Is The Best Raccoon Repellent?

I’ve spent a lot of time researching how to keep raccoons off your property. That means I’ve come across a lot of products which promise you to keep them away. Some products are junk and others are really effective. Let’s take a look at which raccoon repellent products I’d highly recommend.

Best Ultrasonic Racoon Repellent

You already know that the Broox Ultrasonic Repeller is my top pick. That’s because it really is so effective at keeping raccoons out of your yard.

You see Raccoons hate bright light and sudden noise, so they won’t hang around. With this device, all you need to do is place it in an area the raccoon visit frequently and let it do the magic.

When I had an issue with finding raccoon poop in my yard I wanted a solution fast. At first, I tried using smells like garlic and mint, but the rain washed them away and the raccoons would come back.

As soon as I put this device in place I haven’t had any signs of raccoons on my property for over 18 months!

My favorite feature is that it’s solar-powered. That way you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries. Plus it means you can place it anywhere in your yard without needing a power source nearby.

The only issue I can think of with this device is that if you have a very large yard you may need to buy a few devices. This will help you to cover a large area as the max range of the motion detector is 25ft.

Best Raccoon Repellent Spray

If you prefer to use a spray repellent then I’d highly recommend the Repels All concentrate.

You use this by spraying in areas of your yard where the raccoons visit the most. Use it where they poop, eat your plants, or on your trash cans.

This spray is a natural blend of garlic, cloves, fish, and sulfate. These are smells that raccoons hate. This mix will irritate the raccoon’s nose and make your yard an uncomfortable place to be.

The egg whites in this spray help the scent to ‘stick’ when you spray it and it won’t easily wash off in the rain.

The great news is that this does just work on raccoons. You can prevent a whole variety of animals from visiting your yard including deer and rabbits.

The biggest drawback of this spray is that you need to spray it regularly to have a good effect. So there is a degree of maintenance involved.

Best Predator Urine Repellent

In the wild predators will often mark their territory with their urine. Raccoons will often avoid areas with this scent as they known predators are close by. You can recreate this isn’t your own yard with the Wildlife Research Center Coyote Urine.

Coyote urine is most effective against raccoons as they are their main predator. You can spray a urine parameter around your yard. Or you can use scent sponges and soak them in the urine and hang them around your yard.

You may also have success with other animals such as bobcats or lynx. I’d highly recommend using a few different species and sporadically rotating the scent in your yard. This stops the raccoons from becoming accustomed to and ignoring the scent.

Using urine in combination with an electronic predator red-eye device (like this one) can be really effective. Using both together threatens both the raccoons’ smell and visual senses. https://amzn.to/3nHP5xE

Best Raccoon Repellent Granules

If the thoughts of maintaining sprays or urine sound too high maintenance then granules might be the next best option. The best raccoon deterring granules on the market are the Repels all Granules.

These granules are ideal if you want an effective treatment that you don’t want to get wet with a spray. They work by both irritating raccoons with both the putrid smell and taste if they accidentally eat some when foraging.

These granules are very easy the spread around simply scoop up and scatter around the desired area. The scent will last for up to 2 months before they recommend reapplying.

I’d highly recommend using these if you’re having trouble with raccoons digging up your lawn to find June bug grubs.

Best Repellent Trash bags

If you’re having the most trouble with raccoons raiding your trash cans then I highly recommend using the Mint-X repellent bags.

These bags are an ingenious and safe way to deter raccoons from your trash. The bags are strong and infused with a strong mint smell. Raccoons hate mint smells as it really irritates their nose.

Once as raccoon smells these bags they won’t want to hang around them for long. Because the bags are strong they’ll need to work hard to get into them, but will likely give up due to the overpowering scent.

Another bonus is that your trash cans will smell of a lovely refreshing mint.

The only issue with these bags is they only come in one size for a 33-gallon trash can. So if you have a large or smaller trash can then they may not be a suitable size.

Final Thoughts

You no longer need to despair about having raccoons in your yard making a huge mess. Using these effective repellent methods is a great start to keeping them out of your lawn. These methods are humane and eco-friendly ways to stop raccoons from coming back into your yard.

If you want more tips read my guide on other methods to keep raccoons out of your yard. I’d highly recommend combining a few methods to keep the raccoons away for good.

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  1. Where can I purchase Repel-All grandular repellant in Omaha , Nebraska? I am having a problem with racoons coming to my house at night and toileting along the backside of my house foundation.


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