Do Bats Hibernate In the Winter?

do bats hibernate in winter

Do bats hibernate? You may be asking yourself this is you haven’t seen any bats during the autumn or winter nights. Some bat species do hibernate in the winter months. They will go into a dormant state known as extended torpor. This type of hibernation allows bats to lower their heart rate, metabolism, and body … Read more

Do Squirrels Hibernate In Winter?

do squirrels hibernate

Squirrels are everywhere in the autumn. You’ll see them sitting in trees, at bird feeders, and scurrying across your yard. With all that prep you may be wondering do squirrels hibernate in the winter? Ground squirrels are the only type of squirrel that will hibernate during winter. Tree squirrel species will go into a period … Read more

Are Squirrels Afraid Of Owls?

Are squirrels afraid of owls? If you have a squirrel problem you’re probably looking for a really good way to get rid of squirrels from your yard. Squirrels are afraid of owls as they are a natural predator for them in the wild. Depending on the species owl will hunt and kill squirrels in both … Read more

Are Black Squirrels Rare?

are black squirrels rare

Are black squirrels rare? You may be asking yourself this if you’ve just seen a black squirrel in the wild. Black Squirrels are uncommon in the USA. Around 1% of the squirrel population has black fur. Northern and south-eastern areas of the USA will see higher rates of black squirrels in the wild. Black squirrels … Read more

What Do Squirrels Eat In The Wild?

what do squirrels eat

What do squirrels eat? You may be asking yourself this if you’ve seen squirrels out in the wild or even in your own yard. Just what food is it that that attracts them? Squirrels are omnivores which means they eat a wide variety of nuts, seeds, fruits, fungi, vegetation, eggs, insects, and meat. Squirrels are … Read more

Do Raccoons Eat Tomatoes?

Do raccoons eat tomatoes

Do raccoons eat tomatoes? You’re probably asking yourself this if you’ve found half-eaten tomatoes in your yard. Raccoons do eat tomatoes they find your yard. As opportunistic eaters, raccoons will eat tomatoes from your trash or from a tomato plant. Rather than eating the fruit directly off the vine, raccoons will pick off the low-hanging … Read more

What do Raccoons Eat?

what do raccoons eat

Raccoons can see both in the wild and living in urban areas. Have you ever found a raccoon raiding your yard for food? It’s probably left you wondering ‘what do raccoons like to eat? Raccoons are omnivores which means they eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, insects, nuts, and grains. Raccoons are … Read more