What Do Blue Jays Look Like?

what do blue jays look like?

What do blue jays look like? How would you like to be able to immediately identify a blue jay if it landed in your backyard? That would be pretty cool, right? Well, this is entirely possible, and in this guide, I’m going to show you how you can do this. As a beginner birdwatcher, it … Read more

12 Aggressive Birds you’ll Find In Your Backyard

Aggressive birds at backyard feeder

Are you finding aggressive birds in your backyard a huge issue? Well, you’re not alone. This aggression can range from loud chirping and chasing birds to dive-bombing humans or killing other birds. Yikes! You’ll find that most backyard birds will show aggression at some point. Wild birds are very territorial, particularly males during the breeding … Read more

What Not To Feed Wild Birds – 15 Worst Foods


Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what not to feed wild birds? We’ve all done it. A kitchen scrap here or there thrown out to the birds. But now you’re becoming more aware that birds have quite specific diet needs to stay healthy. Fact: Wild birds are likely to try most human foods offered … Read more

What Do Baby Birds Eat?

If you enjoy feeding your backyard birds during the breeding season, you’re probably wondering what do baby birds eat? Baby birds eat the same diet as their parents, adjusting the nutrients and textures. Generally, most hatchlings live on a diet high in insects. This high protein diet helps them to grow quickly. Their parents will … Read more

Why Do Birds Chirp at night?

why do birds sing at night f

Ever been lying in bed listening to birds chirping away and wonder ‘why do birds chirp at night?’ They’ve been flying around all day, don’t they need some sleep like the rest of us? Instead, they are singing away in the dead of the night. The official name of birds chirping in the night is … Read more